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• my homestead story •

Growing up on the family farm, fostered a passion for

doing things the good old fashioned way. My recipes, products

 & know-how have been nurtured by generations of my

Texas frontier family. 

From humble beginnings, my heritage creations have

evolved to be what is now, Olde Homestead Company.

My motto: Hand-Crafted Goods for Practical Living..

All OHC goods are made with love, deep in the heart of Texas. 

I use pure, local ingredients & exclusive family recipes...

This quality creates authentic, rustic products you simply

 won't find anywhere else. Tried & true Texas flavor

& quality - guaranteed. 

   ❤ Thanks for dropping by,
    Sara - Olde Homestead Company


Sara  Olde Homestead Company™\
Olde Homestead Company™
Olde Homestead Company™
Olde Homestead Company™
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